Aldo Rossi is a fine leather goods company based in Topanga CA owned and operated by its namesake designer/craftsperson.


It was while growing up in Paris where beauty and harmony are experienced in even the most subtle things that Aldo gained an appreciation for handmade goods and an admiration for those who craft them. Acquainted at an early age with French saddle makers and small leather goods makers, Aldo experienced first hand that a masterfully crafted item is not only an object of harmonious visual beauty - it must also feel perfect to the touch while remaining true to its function. This reverence for items that are useful yet understated will remain a hallmark of the Aldo Rossi brand.


A successful career in photography accentuated Aldo’s love of all things made by hand. Whether it is a hand sewn garment by Azzedine Alaïa, a hand made piece of furniture by Thomas Moser or a house by Ted Benson, it is the result of vision that has been transformed into substance through countless hours of practice and perseverance.


Working with leather began for Aldo as a personal project to replace a triple wrap strap bracelet that he had worn daily for over eight years. Since he couldn’t find a replacement that conformed to his aesthetic of simplicity, and his desire that it be hand made in the US; he decided to make his own. With guidance from a bootmaker friend, Aldo soon learned that what looks like a thin strip of leather held together by a simple buckle around a wrist is much more than it appears… In fact Aldo’s first strap bracelet was the result of days  of research into leathers and buckles and threads… What he thought would be a one day project turned into several months of trial and error to create the strap that would eventually become the “Atlantic” bracelet. Although the results are never final - research is ongoing: designs, materials and processes are constantly being adjusted and revised as new techniques are revealed and different materials and tools become available – the basic tenets of the brand are unwavering: all products are made completely by hand in America using the best leathers and hardware available on the planet.


The quality of the end product is held first and foremost in mind when designing a product and choosing materials for the Aldo Rossi line. The look, feel and function of each item dictate the choice of leather, hardware and stitching. Whenever possible, Aldo Rossi goods are made of materials originating in the US.


Today, all of the Aldo Rossi products are designed and produced in his Topanga workshop by Aldo himself, with the help of apprentices who in time will graduate to the level of craftspeople… All Aldo Rossi products are hand cut, hand beveled, hand dyed, hand stitched and hand finished - all using time honored saddle making tools and techniques.


Aldo himself believes in quality above quantity and has a no-compromise approach to crafting hand made goods out of the very best materials to make a product that is vastly superior to anything mass produced. Each item is discretely stamped with the AR logo and comes with a lifetime guarantee.